August 17, 2007

TWO WEEKS to Alpha?!?!

Ummm, so I should have realized this from looking at one of those analog date tracking devices (I think they call them calendars), but our team game needs to be done in the next four weeks and our alpha version is due in two...TWO!!! What this means is that we need to have a working version of all the prototype code (that would be yours truly's responsibility) by somewhere around next Thursday. Add to that two midterms and a large level design project and you've got one hell of a week. Man, I really thought I was gonna get a breather. Oh well...

My brother has been clamoring to see these "tiles" that I have been complaining both on and off line for the past couple days. So with further ado, here they are, my 2D chapel tileset...





Dead Tree




Swamp (animated sprite sheet)

Wood Midground

Baptismal Font

Foot Bridge

Floating Candle (animated sprite sheet)


Stone Foreground

Wood Braces (Foreground)

Stone Midground

Stone Stairs


Wood Braces (Background)

Wood Background



Ground Top

Clouds Light

Clouds Dark

Hill Background

Night Sky

Stone Background

That's all of them. Most of the stuff was hand-painted/rendered in Photoshop and some are reference images with a nice artistic filter over them. Hopefully I can share a few screenshots the completed composition next week. But, that can wait until at least tomorrow...


  1. Why not just rip a couple doom II or super mario brothers tiles and see if anyone notices? That would seem to be much easier to me - although the 'black sky' tile probably didn't kill you to make :)

  2. In my defense, the night sky is a has a gradient and a bunch of stars that are of different sizes and colors all blended in with the background. That being said, no it didn't take very long :)