August 10, 2007

Gphoria, I'm bored with you

Seriously, how many times can G4 show Gphoria 2007 in one 24 hour period? It was on when I woke up, it was on while I ate lunch, it was on while I was eating dinner last night. I suppose the question is how many times can I leave it on instead of changing the channel? The answer is a lot, the show isn't even very good, but during the middle of the day there's really nothing on, and so it makes good background filler with pretty pictures.


  1. G4 is horrible. I could barely watch it when I had recorded their specific E3 coverage and fast forwarded over the boring parts. Their signal to noise ratio is atrocious.

  2. Speaking of Gphoria, wtf is up with Twilight Princess winning Best RPG? How was it even in the category?! When will people realize that LEGEND OF ZELDA GAMES ARE NOT RPGS!!!? As you can tell, this is somewhat of a sore spot for me personally.

  3. Haha, I totally agree on both counts. I'm not sure why I even ever watch it.