September 23, 2007

All Halo's Eve

Is today Halo's Eve or is it tomorrow? It's somewhat unclear since I will have it in my hot little hands tomorrow night. Anyway, today was largely uneventful, I mostly just played more games and ran a few quick errands. World in Conflict continues to impress as does Metroid Prime 3. I am excited about the release of Halo 3 but not overwhelmingly so. I think World in Conflict and Bioshock ranked a bit higher on my hype meter.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to "finishing the fight," but from everything I've seen and played in the beta, Halo 3 doesn't seem to be offering substantially more over it's predecessors. I leave it to Bungie to prove me wrong, which I am reasonably sure they are capable of doing, but I don't find myself as excited for it as other notable releases this season both past (Bioshock, World in Conflict) and future (Mass Effect, Folklore).

We shall see...


  1. I think it's time for my pre-emptive spoiler attempt for Halo 3. This will be by far my most difficult spoiler attempt, since I have only played small parts of the first two games. Anyways, he goes: MASTER CHEIF DIES!! Not my best work, but I think it's good enough given the circumstances.