September 14, 2007

Microsoft's Coming to Town

Apparently, people from the Microsoft XNA team are coming to the exhibition next Friday to see the work that we have been doing in Torque X this semester. What this means is that instead of (or in addition to) presenting at the exhibition 24 weeks after completing the project (allowing additional time for production materials and further polish), we are supposed to present roughly 4 days after finishing up. Furthermore, it means the faculty is busily trying to find room and time to present our projects at the exhibition despite having neither.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure we were chosen to be one of the projects presented to the Microsoft reps (I think they still need to vote or something) which is both exciting and a little nerve-racking, I guess. We're already trying to do a lot of last minute polishing, testing, etc. and trying to get everything worthy of being presented more officially is just a lot to do in a short timeframe. Heh, anyway, I've got some things to do before dinner, and then hopefully my Friday ritual of not working afterwards.

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