September 5, 2007

I Take This $@&% Serious!

Well, it's finally done. The project that consumed altogether too much of my time is finally complete. The beast came out at around 14 pages which was much more than I think was expected, but we'll see. It took more time than almost any project I think I have worked on thus far, but I think the end result was something very solid, and it certainly kicked me back into work mode after Labor Day weekend, which I actually mean as a good thing. Anyway, I should probably turn in for the night. The project put me behind on a couple other things so I think it's gonna be a long few days before Beta...


  1. When your game is finished, would it be possible for me to play it? I'd be interested to see how it turned out.


  2. It should be. We are supposed to turn in an installable, burned copy with manual and everything. The game itself is actually more of a demo lasting about 5-10 minutes, but I should be able to hook you up.

    Also, if we get into the exhibition (which we are gunning for) I think they actually make a demo DVD or something, not sure on that one.