September 12, 2007

Violin of DOOM!

It's kind of sad when you only manage to accomplish one of the things on your to do list, AND you had intended to accomplish it yesterday. Nevertheless, my last art assignment, a fully modeled and textured violin, is now complete and here are the results:

I'm pretty happy with it. The strings are a little funky, but that's due to the fact I had to warp them in Photoshop in order for the texture to not get completely destroyed when mapped. It'll probably cost me a point, but whatever. Time has become an incredibly precious commodity and there are plenty of other things I need to focus on. Speaking of which, I suppose I should go do my best to prepare for tomorrow. It's really close to the end of the term, but that just leaves some of the biggest hurdles between then and now. Still, break is in sight, and World in Conflict and Halo 3 are very brilliantly lighting the end of my tunnel.

P.S. No VIRUS screenshots yet (except a couple with error messages on them). I had my hands full at the meeting just trying to document everything. I'll post some soon, I promise.


  1. Thanks? Your comments are really random. Though I suppose I have come to expect that at this point.

  2. It looks a little strange - maybe it's the perspective? It seems really wide compared to the length and he bridge is too far away from the tail piece.

    (Sorry, I've played violin since I was 5 so that's what you get)

  3. Well, the silhouette was created directly from a top down view of a violin, so it should be right. Either the perspective is weird or I just got a strange looking violin reference *shrug*. I didn't realize I had a violin expert in the audience, guess I should be more careful ;).