September 22, 2007


Sorry for the increasing number of voids in my blog posting. I made a recurring task in Outlook that would remind me to post, but since I haven't really been checking my Outlook recently I haven't been following it. Anyway, the exhibition went very well and the "Microsoft guy" (who was, in fact, JJ Richards the general manager of Xbox Live) was very complimentary of VIRUS and the other games demonstrated by my cohort as well.

Actually everyone seemed to really like the game, including some alumni from previous cohorts, current students, and many of the children wandering around the exhibition. Actually there was a point where one kid had been playing VIRUS for a little while and we had encouraged him to try one of the other games in the room, but he said he wanted to keep playing our game and so he did up until he had to leave, which was a pretty cool little anecdote. Overall, I am very pleased with the game we produced and the both the faculty and exhibition attendees seemed to agree.

Today, I have done basically nothing productive. I woke up at around noon, went through my normal morning routine and played World in Conflict online with my brother, Rick, for about 3 hours. Then I played some Metroid Prime 3, ate dinner, and read a little. Now I'm probably gonna play a little more World in Conflict campaign, maybes some more Metroid, and then get some sleep. Then repeat until Halo 3 comes out :). I have a few basic errands I need to knock out over the week, most notably getting my car registered in TX, but I've spaced it out pretty sparsely so I should get a lot of time to relax and regenerate before next term.


  1. Now that you have time we should play some Carcassone.

  2. Or we could play Halo 3, TF2, or World in Conflict ;).

    We should meet up sometime this week though. I'll probably be on my 360 a fair bit so you know how to reach me.

  3. Yeah, we can meet online for those games right after hell freezes over. I'll mark my calendar.

  4. While I understand you aren't much for first person shooters, you really should give a look at World in Conflict. It's probably one of the best games I've played this year.