September 2, 2007


Not much to say for today really. Played some games, worked on a Game Studies exercise for a while, but ultimately I didn't make much progress on it. Tomorrow I need to come back from my little mini-vacation and get back to work. I really sprinted to hit Alpha and so I needed a bit of a breather, but having run through the Alpha a few times now, I've made some notes as to what needs to get done for Beta (due one week from tomorrow) and the list isn't short.

After that it's a week until the end of term. I can't believe my first term is almost over, time flies by like crazy here. Anyway, I'm glad that this weekend lined up the way it did, it was just what I needed. Alright, I think I'll play games for just a little while longer, then I should get to bed since I am meeting with my group tomorrow at 10:30 AM.

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