September 13, 2007

Only a few more days...

We had our last Game Studies and Art classes today (except for the finals of course) and tomorrow will basically be the last days of everything else. It's been one hell of a run so far, and I've done more work than I think have...well...ever. I recognize , I am talking about it like it's the end of some big journey or ordeal when in truth, it's only the beginning. I guess it really has taxed me and with the oasis of break in sight, it really does feel like a major achievement, *shrug*. Anyway, there's plenty to be done for VIRUS before Monday and so I should probably get started now :).


  1. I look forward to playing some campaign mode with you. Also perhaps destroying you in slayer a few times. :-)

    How long is your break?

  2. I also look forward to such things.

    I suppose break technically starts next Wednesday, but there's the exhibition on Friday and we'll probably have stuff to do until Friday evening. Then we are off until the next Monday (~10 days).