September 15, 2007

Closing In

Well, there goes another Saturday basically subsumed by my game project. This whole "work pretty much all day, every day" thing is starting to wear on everyone I think. It's not that I am averse to hard work or anything, but I also recognize all too well the need to discharge at times. I've been trying to give myself time to unwind every now and then, but with the gravity of my projects over my head, I don't usually unwind very well even when I am not working on them.

I am happy with what VIRUS is, but at the same time I see all the stuff we couldn't manage to do for one reason or another and that makes me sad. I mean, I guess that's really one of the lessons here (I think they've actually told us as much), so I shouldn't worry about it so much. Though trying to convince me not to worry about things is virtually impossible. I think we've made a really good game that is fun to play and incorporates some interesting ideas that are off the beaten path of your average platformer. We've had to cut or adjust a lot to fit within technology and time constraints and I think that's what bugs me, but I guess there's nothing we can really do, so I'm just going to try to let it go.

Final project presentations are Monday, the Game Studies final and Art final project are Tuesday, and the Level Design final is Wednesday. Added all together, that seems like a pretty fierce three days to be staring straight in the face. This is of course added to the fact that everyone is noticeably slowing down as weeks of little sleep begin to catch up with them.It's not all doom and gloom, regardless of what I do or how well things go, Wednesday and break will arrive with the same speed, so I guess that's a kind of silver lining. I think I am set up to do well, I'm just a little stressed at the size of it all.

Anyway, I think I'm going to try to unwind a bit before bed and prepare for what is sure to be another long Sunday. Oh, and don't interpret all my ranting as displeasure or unhappiness. I'm actually really happy and excited about the work I am doing (though I might wish I wasn't doing it ALL the time), I'm just nervous about the judgments that will come in the next few days. Alright, I'm off. Take Care, All!


  1. Whenever you feel like you are going to snap, I am just a short (ok, it is 4 hours) drive east on I-30. Stop by and I will remind you how to live a care free lifestyle.

    We could go to happy hour. I got a girl to introduce you to. We could even play BGDAII.

    I know you miss me ;)

  2. Heh, yeah I suppose I kind of do, though it is nice to have self-esteem again ;).

    I should come out some time though. Maybe we can hang out some time over my break. Or you could get a 360 and we can Play Halo 3 over the internets :).