September 24, 2007

Another Contender for Game of the Year?

Having just completed the single player campaign of World in Conflict and having played the multiplayer for a relatively substantial amount of time (about 10 to 15 hours including my time with the demo), I think I can safely say that it is one of the best strategy games I have played ever and easily a contender for Game of the Year and my current front runner for strategy game of the year.

While I understand that it is unlikely to be Game of the Year against contenders such as Halo 3 and Mass Effect I don't think it can be overstated how good this game really is. It combines great graphics and sound, exciting and fun gameplay, a powerful singleplayer campaign, and an addicitively fun multiplayer mode.

Really I can't find anything at fault with the game, except for the fact that the multiplayer can get somewhat frustrating since the strong RPS system means you are reliant on your teammates to protect you, and sometimes they don't understand that. And really, that isn't a fault, that is as designed, and when it works it's awesome, you just need to find some people who clearly know what they are doing and befriend them.

Anyway, I just wanted to communicate how extremely pleased I was with this game, when it basically fallen off my radar. I think Massive managed to create an exciting strategy game that may actually be able to pull some gamers away from their first person shooters for a few seconds, and that in and of itself deserves praise. Add to that everything else it has going for it, and you have what is easily one of the best games this year.

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