September 11, 2007

One Week...

That's right, there's only one week left until the end of Term I. Kind of amazing really, it feels like it's been so long, I think because of the sheer amount of time I have been investing in it. It has to be close to 100 hours a week. I can't quite check out yet though, there's still plenty to do, most notably, polish off the final version of VIRUS. The whole team is getting together tomorrow to go on a bug hunt and prioritize any remaining work so that should give me an opportunity to take a few screenshots for those that have asked. In addition, I have a violin I need to finish for art class and we just got out final project (a textured & animated trebuchet) for art as well. The other classes are lying low at the moment which is good.

I guess the thing that occupies my mind is all the things we could do for VIRUS. The biggest thing we have talked about is adding a simple tutorial level that would introduce the player to some of the core concepts and really pull them in. I definitely would love to have it, but there are a lot of things that NEED to get done first, and that level isn't really a requirement. Also, every time we have integrated our files thus far Torque has done something crazy and I'm a bit worried that adding a new level might break everything and at the end of the day, require me to remove it again. The first step will be seeing how quickly and how effectively I can eliminate our current bugs and then see what time that leaves me. Anyway, I should get to the aforementioned violin. Later!

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