September 28, 2007

Another Day, Another Missed Post

Well, I missed another day, oh well. Not too terribly much going on here right now as you might imagine. I went to the Texas DMV (or its equivalent) yesterday and played a fair bit of Metroid Prime 3, Supreme Commander, and Soul Nomad. I finished the Cybran Campaign in Sup Com this morning and have been making steady progress in Metroid, though my progress in Metroid has been stymied by a series of wicked hand cramps.

Has anyone else had this or similar uncomfortable things occur while playing the Wii? It's not a big deal, it's not like I usually have more than an hour to play games during school, but when I try to go for a long term Metroid session, my right hand always ends up aching within a couple hours. It's weird and kind of annoying, maybe my hands are too big...or small...or...something. Anyway, that's basically all I've been up to.

Metroid is quite good and Soul Nomad is weird, but interesting, though I don't agree with all their design choices. Most notably, the number of times I am given a dialog "choice" with only one option. That's just stupid, I'd rather have two responses that lead to exactly the same outcome than have no choice at all. Or at the very least, eliminate the illusion of choice and move on.

Actually the game has an interesting premise: there are these gigantic behemoths (World Eaters) that were created by the God of Death (Gig) 200 years ago in his bid to conquer the world. He was defeated, but the World Eaters remained. Now 200 years later, you are fused with Gig in order to use his power to defeat these world destroying monstrosities, without becoming completely corrupted by Gig in the process.

Admittedly, I'm not very far (so this may develop as the game progresses) but I feel like there are some missed opportunities in the narrative that only make sense to me as a lack of money or time. In the 3-4 hours I've played, Gig has tried to tempt me a handful of times to do things that were mildly evil up to downright malevolent, but whenever I am given the choice I have only one response: to unequivocally refuse.

It seems like if the player could actually give in to Gig's temptations when necessary or appropriate the narrative could be much more powerful, and it's quite possible this could be accomplished with minimal development of extra content. Regardless, the narrative and mechanics at least have me interested enough to keep playing, and I've heard the story starts a bit slow but really picks up later on. Here's hoping!

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