March 27, 2008

Bucket of Sunshine

Well, so my general approach to the Guildhall lately has been to just try to keep a positive attitude and not stress out over what I probably shouldn't be stressing out over, and it seems to be working...kinda. At the very least it's noticeable considering a friend of mine at school asked how I manage to stay so positive. She went on to say she admired my attitude, but that I really should be more bitter (jokingly...I think?) This is, mind you, a scant few days after I basically bottomed out, so I guess it's an improvement. I can at least say that I've been feeling better, which may or may not be associated with not having much do the last couple of days. Except, of course, for the 70 minute Ethics presentation my team is supposed to give tomorrow.

Anyway, I prefer to think it has to do with a change in my mindset over a number of things that are a bit more personal than I care to go into right now, and maybe has a little bit to do with getting more sleep ;-). That's about it really, nothing monumental to report: more work on TGP, more work on DFS, preparation for tomorrow's presentation, and shake from Sonic to cap it all off. Could be worse :).


  1. Hmm, you must be getting nookie - nookie makes everything better :-)

    Glad to hear you've pulled out of your funk.

  2. Ha, I wish!

    The Guildhall barely leaves me enough time to sleep let alone date. The only women I see, are other GH students, and most of them are either married or otherwise involved. I look forward to resuming my romantic life (or lack thereof) after graduation :).