March 26, 2008

Through the Looking Glass (or something like that)

It's interesting how things can seem different, just looking at them from a different perspective. While it is true that nothing has changed in my actual workload, it's nice to at least try to have a positive attitude about everything. The Guildhall doesn't make it easy though, or at the students don't. Everyone's still pretty bitter/jaded/frustrated about things and that can seep into even the most positive of mindsets I'd imagine. Anyway, things are going well on DFS thus far, I'm starting to finally understand how to run Scrum effectively, and our Ethics presentation is at least compiled. Not edited, formatted, or rehearsed, but at least compiled. With a speedmap this Friday and our next DFS milestone on Tuesday, this weekend may be a bit of a bear, so I am trying to brace for that and accomplish as much as I can on my DFS while I have the time. On that note, I should try to get a little done with what remains of the night, later!

P.S. I just bought Smash Bros.: Brawl from GameFly and now they are sending me FFVII: Crisis Core, hooray!

1 comment:

  1. Let's exchange SSBB friend codes! Hooray! I'd post mine here, but I don't have my 12 digit code memorized. Also, let me know if Crisis Core is worth my time. I'm on the fence about it. Although it would have to be pretty damn good to pull me away from Wild Arms XF now. I love me some hexagons.