March 23, 2008

Casual Work

Well, not to terribly much to report on for the day. I wrote my essay on The Prince this afternoon (yep, that's right), met with my ethics group to go over our presentation for Friday, went out to dinner with a few of the level designers, and blocked out the first three rooms for my DFS. The term is starting to take shape and hit the sort of steady work stream I've come to expect. This next week is bound to be a little bumpy with the First Playable milestone for Extinction on Tuesday and the ethics presentation on Friday, but it shouldn't be too bad as far as I can tell.

Blocking out the rooms for my DFS was easy enough, though I think the original design feels a bit cramped in some areas. I'll have to examine a few areas in the game to figure out what needs to be changed. That's about it. Still watching a bunch of Battlestar Galatica while I work on my levels, which is nice, it definitely makes things feel less like work, though I'll have to find something else once I make my way to episodes I haven't seen before. Anyway, I think I'm gonna watch one more BSG before I head to bed. Night All!

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