March 8, 2008

End of Vacation Laziness

Well, my vacation is almost over and to celebrate (or mourn?) its end I've been being lazy and totally unproductive, which has been fantastic. I finished Assassin's Creed today and played a remarkable number of online games with Rick (Frontlines, Call of Duty 4, and about 8 matches of DoW: Soulstorm). I should have my final thoughts on Assassin's Creed up in the next day or so. I thought the game was pretty good overall but there were a few shortcomings in the gameplay that kept it from being great. Also, it ended on a massive cliffhanger, which I hate. Still the ending was pretty good despite that, so take that for what you will. Anyway, I better get to bed so I can start getting back into a normal sleep schedule. Later!

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