March 28, 2008

Friday Lost

Well, I had to violate my Friday rule for what I believe is the second time as long as I've been here. For those who don't know, in order to safeguard my sanity I have set Friday nights as a guaranteed no work zone. Usually this isn't too hard as there can't be anything due Saturday and it's very rare that I have a weekend which is truly packed with work. Unfortunately, today's speedmap was due at 9:00 P.M., and like pretty much every other LD here, I took every minute of the 7 hours we were given (which shot right through dinner I might add). I think the level came out pretty well, perhaps not as dazzling as my first "speed" map, but this one included some actual gameplay, and it took me less than 40% of the time! It's hard to take screenshots of scripting or gameplay but here's a few elements of my second speedmap:

The light on the left is blinking/buzzing and that panel is more than it appears!

Perhaps this does something?

Oh, goodies!

I picked up the armor and an imp spawned! How original is that?!

After I try to exit I play a creepy sound and screw with the lighting (and, of course, spawn more imps!)

Kill this last guy and the lights will come back on...

Overall, I think the speedmap went well, and I enjoyed digging into the scripting and setting up the encounters. Building things in Radiant can take a while and making them look good can take even longer, but setting up basic scripted sequences and encounters is a breeze. It almost makes me wish I had more combat in my DFS, but hey, there are always redesigns! Anyway, it's been a long Friday (Ethics presentation this morning and the aforementioned speedmap this afternoon/evening) so I'm gonna relax a bit. I just got my copy of Crisis Core from GameFly so I am looking forward to kicking back and enjoying it for a while. Later!

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