March 30, 2008

R & R

This was one of the most relaxing weekends I think I've had in a while...I don't think I really had less to do, I just approached it a bit differently, and less stressfully I think. Well, ok, maybe I did have a little less to do than usual. I spent most of my work time on Saturday filing my taxes and finishing up my DFS, and I spent today equally divided between Extinction and DFS work.

My Extinction work was less than I would have wanted, but it was unfortunately limited by a few pipeline problems. The level wasn't in the state that it was supposed to be in this morning so me and another designer needed to work on it at the same time (which is almost never good), and the art packages (i.e., how Unreal holds together assets like models, textures, etc.) were not complete so much of the level was bubble wrap (i.e., Unreal's default texture, which looks like crap). Anyway, I got another iteration on the level lighting and added some rough particles to our waterfall and river. They definitely need a lot of love to create the effect we want, but it's a good place to start at least.

My DFS is almost ready for Blockout, there are just a few minor tweaks I want to make before final submission and demonstration. You can run through and complete the level in it's entirety and the encounters are at least somewhat tuned for this iteration. I added some basic objectives which I intend to improve upon over the next few iterations (much like everything else). It's a rough first version of what I am trying to create, but it's a good first step, and we have two weeks after this milestone to make it pretty and another week after that to polish up the gameplay. Given the experience I've had with Doom 3, I know the first polish pass can and will take an enormous amount of time, so trying to lay as much of the groundwork now as I can that way I'll be prepared to move forward as soon as I receive feedback on this build.

Other than work, this weekend has been spent playing Crisis Core and watching Battlestar Galactica both of which I highly recommend. And on that note, I think I will get back to one or both of them before I have to head off to bed and another exciting day here at the Guildhall! (limited sarcasm intended) :-P

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