March 10, 2008

Off to the Races!

Well, term started with a bang as per usual...ok, maybe not a bang, but certainly some significant work and awareness of just how much we have to do this term. We didn't have our usual morning class, so I watched the movie we were assigned to watch for Friday's class (12 Angry Men), then I hurried to run some errands before heading into class. Level Design was reasonably tame at least in terms of what we did, but we went over the syllabi for both our Level Design class and our DFS, and it definitely looks to be a busy semester.

After class I had to run out to get food for my team's first "core hours" only to find out that that the Subway had managed to lose the order. Finally, our core hours ran a bit late since we decided to show 12 Angry Men to help everyone prepare for ethics class (thus I ended up watching it twice, which probably wasn't the best plan). Now, I need to make some basic arrangements for my team and my scrum meeting with the leads tomorrow morning, not to mention finish the 12 Angry Men assignment, and try to start working on my DFS project proposal which is due this Thursday.

As I said, definitely hitting the ground running, though by this point I feel pretty used to it. It's actually kind of nice to be back to work again...kind of nice :). Well, I better get to it, later all!

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