March 13, 2008

Insert Witty Post Title

It's been an exhausting first week of term filled with all the unreasonable requirements and first week freak outs I've become used to. Today we had to submit our project statement and present it to the level design class, and tomorrow we have a thrilling Ethics class in the morning and a speed map in level design tomorrow afternoon (apparently focusing in lighting). I feel pretty competent in Radiant and I understood the lighting and patch (i.e., curved surfaces in Radiant) techniques we covered on Wednesday, so I'm not too worried about it, though I'd like to review some things. My role as team lead over the past few semesters means I haven't gotten quite as much experience on actual level design, so I am hoping to do more with Extinction and my DFS project (currently named 'Separation Anxiety'). I think I've got some cool concepts that should be fun to put together.

Next week is looking pretty busy (surprise!) as well. We have a level design document for DFS due on Thursday, the First Playable milestone for Extinction is a week from Tuesday so we need to start making sure things are ready for that (and I need to start preparing a presentation), and I imagine we'll probably have something else going on in Ethics. That's really it, it doesn't seem like that much on paper but the level design doc is pretty massive and the team game stuff takes much more time than is probably conveyed by "make sure things are ready." Anyway, I've been running a little hot lately so I am going to try to take it easy tonight and just play through more of Doom 3 (which is actually class/project related) and practice a bit more in Radiant. Night all!

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