March 3, 2008

Shortest. Project. Ever.

So after our first official meeting the Call of Duty 4 project has basically been canceled. After yesterday's meeting I think everyone could feel that the scope of what we were trying to accomplish was just too big for the time we have available and our limited experience with Radiant in general and CoD4Radiant in particular. I think everyone was a bit disappointed as well as relieved and I don't think anyone was too terribly surprised. This last term was pretty hard on a lot of us, and this week is pretty much all we have to recharge for next term, so I think everyone is better off not being tied down to anything too heavy.

I still intend to work with the editor over the week and try to at least get something playable out of it before the start of term, and another one of the designers is actually running with the original concept in the hopes of bringing people back in at a later date. The size of the team (6 designers in all by the end) had just gotten out of hand, and the team's size lead to an equivalently overscoped map that we were intending to create in less than a week with no prior experience with the editor. My feeling was that at best we could make something we were reasonably happy with and kill ourselves in the process pretty much guaranteeing burnout next term.

Anyway, that is the state of things. I spent a couple hours beating my head against a weird bug in some of the CoD4 Compile Tools, and a fair amount of time today working through my driver safety course so I can get my ticket dismissed. My level right now is just the big box I intend to put everything else into over the coming days. I will post some work in progress pictures once the map is at least mildly photogenic (or at least has something to see other than a gigantic wall. Now I need to fold some laundry and relax a bit before I need to head to bed. Later!

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